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Located since 1936 in the heart of Cognac, the Bernard family has forged the capacity to conceive French traditional barrels. Our broad knowledge of oak, the serious approach to seasoning and maturation has no equal in respecting the necessary steps involved in quality fabrication.

Not too much theoretical discourse. We have known for a long time that a Bernard barrel will give a long life with your wine at your cellar.


Whether a Bernard barrel, with its aromatic profile and taste characteristics, will give you full satisfaction can only be proved with your wine under our oak. If the result matches your expectation our commitment is to put all our "savoir-faire" at your service and to guarantee for you for each vintage a barrel with consistent aromatic profile, a barrel that will be yours first and foremost.


The knowledge acquired through 3 generations has given us the ability to understand and respect the essential steps to producing high quality barrels. Our aim is not to develop a new barrel making process but to sustain the feel, expertise and savoir-faire. Our team is committed to respect the fundamental basics of traditional barrel making, guaranteeing quality and consistency, such as:

•  Timber selection,

•  Drying the wood to respect the natural aging process,

•  Forming the staves for their methodical assembly,

•  Bending and toasting on a traditional brazier oak fire,

•  Completing the technical and aesthetic finish,

•  Carrying out the final testing.


Despite being modern and automated, our barrel making process is still based on the traditional methodology. However Bernard Tonnellerie will always embrace the advantages of new technology for the benefit of our clients.

Each Bernard barrel comes with an engraved tag on the base and can be identified by our laser written signature. Furthermore, this process can be used to personalise the barrels to provide your own brand, logo, image, etc.




News of all events involving Tonnellerie Bernard

2 nd to 4 th December 2008: VINITECH 2008-07-08

As with each edition we will be present at the VINITECH show, which will be held this year between 2 nd and 4 th December. It is with pleasure that we will welcome you at our booth! This show is an occasion to uncover new business opportunities both in France and overseas.


Partner of the 1 st International Syrah Symposium in Lyon, France

  Between Tonnellerie Bernard and Syrah there is a long story that has continued for more than 20 years. So when an international symposium dedicated to one of the king varieties is organised for the first time, we are naturally delighted to support this event. Please obtain the copy of the proceedings.


Paso Robles California

Tonnellerie Bernard supported this event by evidencing its involvement and strong presence in the Rhône Valley wineries. This 16 th occasion united a number of professionals and amateurs around the world whose passion is for the grape varieties of the Rhône.

We tasted, for example, wine from Spanish producers, lovers of Mourvèdre, Grenache, Syrah...sharing the vision of two producers, one Australian, Dave Powell of Torbreck, Barossa Valley, South Australia, and Louis Barruol of Château St. Cosme, from Gigondas, France.